Energy Assessor & Sustainable Building Consultant – Job Vacancy

Energy Assessor & Sustainable Building Consultant – Job Vacancy

Job Description

Low Carbon Box are a Sustainable Buildings Consultants. We do energy assessments for all types of buildings for a wide array of clients. We are looking for an individual who enjoys solving technical problems. Almost all of the work is desk based at a computer. But the work includes measuring Architect’s drawings, building 3D models in SketchUp, using Excel to record the measurements and specialist software to input and work out the energy performance of the building. Other job roles will include reports, job management, client support and training in additional services.


The applicant should be proficient with computers. The work involves maths, geometry and basic physics so a keen interest in this would be required. There is no requirement for a degree (but relevant qualifications will help) but we are really looking for an individual who can develop their core skills and help us grow the company in the future. Client’s look to us for to be pragmatic in solving their challenges and want to improve upon this and develop our business further.

The role is to predict current carbon emissions and energy use in new and existing buildings and how we can improve the performance with cost effective solutions to meet Part L of the Building Regulations. This is balance with other key criteria to meet such as summertime overheating, reducing carbon emissions further and  meeting local planning policies. The individual would be taught on the job and formal training provided via third party accredited trainers.

As Sustainable Building Consultants, we generally provide energy assessments, heat loss calculations for the building fabric, advise on how to lower energy demand and carbon emissions in new build properties and conversions and more recently, look at overheating calculations to reduce summertime overheating and improve thermal comfort. Liaise direct with clients and projects teams.

The job would suit applicants with a good competency in maths, geometry, science (Physics) and be fully conversant using computer software (Training provided in the specific software). It would particularly suit candidates who have undertaken studies relating to the built environment.

  • On-Construction Domestic Energy Assessor carry out energy assessments on new build dwellings and conversions to comply with Building Regulations and demonstrate lower running costs and carbon emissions to meet current and future Climate Change resilient requirements. Generally involves measuring and modelling dwellings (using a PDF measuring tool and sometimes in 3D using Trimble Sketchup) from Architects drawings and calculating heat loss with approved SAP energy assessment software. Full Accredited training provided. Further details for training can be found at Elmhurst Energy – Click HERE for more information.
  • Overheating Assessments to check dwellings risk of overheating due to excess solar gains and temperatures during the summer combined with internal heat gains (people, equipment, hot water cylinders) to help reduce the risk of overheating and improve thermal comfort. Modelling carried out in 3D using DesignBuilder. Training to be provided if required.
  • Non-Domestic Energy Assessments for non-domestic buildings such as offices, workshops, community centres and other building types. Modelling carried out in 3D using DesignBuilder. Training to be provided if required. If of interest, accredited training can be provided. Further details of this training can be found HERE.
  • Other tasks may include Passivhaus, Planning Energy Statements, organising air tightness testing and other admin and responsibly to include providing fee quotations, invoices and ongoing support on projects. There is also scope to train in additional appropriate services that Low Carbon Box do not currently provide that you may have a keen interest within.

Why Low Carbon Box – We are driven to deliver the best solutions for our clients so they can make a meaningful difference to reduce the impact of their developments on climate change and improve the comfort levels of the buildings we spend most of our lives in. We provide core services but always want to make a difference where we can.

Application Closing Date – When a suitable applicant has been appointed

Expected commencement date – Available from now, but to be agreed with the suitable applicant. If finishing a course or need to give notice at their current employers, then we can wait

Remuneration/Salary = This will depend on the applicant as we are open to hear from school leavers up to experienced assessors so this can be discussed at the time. The salary will rise once training completed successfully and skills are developed to reflect the contribution to the company. A bonus will also be applicable if target profit is met with the employee’s projects.

Contract type (perm/temp) – Permanent

Contract hours (Full Time) – Generally 37.5 hours per week. – can be flexible to suit applicant, to be agreed.

Location – Market Harborough, Leicestershire, UK – But if working from home is preferable and the applicant is experienced, then we can discuss this further. All applicants must be based in the UK and really local to the office .

Application procedures (how to apply) – Please go to our CONTACT PAGE and click on the email link (marking it for the attention of Robert Atherton) with your CV and a brief outline on why you would like the position and why you would be suited to this role.

We are a small friendly practice who want to build on an excellent client base to support them further with like minded people and look forward to hearing from you.


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