Essex Eco House Air tightness test

Low Carbon Box were recently commissioned to carry out the Essex Eco House Air Tightness Test. The client an intermediate air tightness test for Essex Eco House prior to fixing of services and plasterboard to check the building fabric was not leaking before it was covered up.

The original house was designed by one of the UK’s top Architects, Make Architects.

The first aspect is to measure the property. We take the plans and sections and build a 3D model using SketchUp to determine the building envelope and volume as shown below:

3D Model of the house

Fortunately, it was a lovely still day with blue sky, ideal for air testing and were amazed to turn up to see the house and the external finishes and design:

Front elevation

Front side elevation

The inside of the unit was exposed. The construction basically consisted of 300mm ‘I’ joists to the walls and roof filled with sheep’s wool insulation and clad inside and use a Tyvek membrane as the air barrier:

Internal works stage of the house build

All conditions were check and a pre-completion air tightness test for the Essex Eco House was carried out by our ATTMA accredited air tightness tester using air testing equipment calibrated to UKAS accredited standards.

Essex Eco House Air Tightness Test Result

The target air tightness test was 3.5 m3/h/m2.

The actual Essex Eco House Air Tightness Test achieved a much better result of 0.58 m3/hr/m2. This could be near Passivhaus standard (subject to volume measurement in line with Passivhaus Vn50).

The likely reason for the excellent results is the build quality, using a system build to reduce shrinkage and control workmanship and careful installation of the air barrier.

The final air test will be carried out once the building has the second fix building services and plasterboard applied.

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