Passivhaus SIPs system air tightness test

Low Carbon Box are the Passivhaus Consultants on the 13 Passivhaus units development at Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire. The Passivhaus SIPs system air tightness test was carried out by Low Carbon Box in-house air tightness test consultant.

The scheme is utilising Kingspan TEK Sips panels with an internal air tight barrier as part of the air tightness strategy.

The sample air testing for the first 2 plots was to check the integrity of the Kingspan TEK system before the windows and doors are installed.

Initial results of air tightness test

The first plot achieved an average pressure test of 0.47 ACH (average of positive and negative) and Plot 2 achieved 0.61 ACH (0.649 is the maximum permitted). The average was therefore 0.54 Air changes per hour.

This was the result of the internal air tightness membrane in combination with the Tescon tape. However, Some perforations in the membrane were located and sealed.

The next stage for air tightness testing will be following the installations of the new (Triple glazed Green Building Store Ultra Timber) windows and doors.

There were some slight perforations in the internal air tightness membrane caused by a knife or another sharp object. And some minor leakage at the corners where the SIPs panel sits on the blockwork sub-structure.

The internal air tight membrane is the Glidevale Protect VC foil Ultra. This was a relatvely thick material and more robust than expected. The Pro-Clima Tescon tape sticks to it really well.

Windows and doors are being installed in June, so a second air test will be carried out once these are installed and sealed.

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