Photographic Evidence for Part L1 2021

Photographic Evidence for Part L1 2021

We hope this is a helpful guide for photographic evidence now required for completion of your new dwelling under Part L1 2021 of the Building Regulations.

For As-Built Evidence:

  • This is a requirement for the new Approved Document Part L 2021 of the Building Regulations
  • The builder or site coordinator should be responsible for providing the photographic evidence
  • This photographic evidence will also be put into a home user pack and passed to the home owner.
  • Building Control and the SAP Energy Assessor will need photographic evidence with at least one photo of each detail, but more may be required.
  • Photographic evidence is required for each dwelling and can be taken by anyone.

Requirements for the Photographs:

  • Sufficient quality to see the details
  • Close up photos may be needed where a long shot does not show sufficient detail
  • More than one image may be needed
  • Geolocation must be confirmed to prove where the photograph was taken
  • Each photo also needs a date and time
  • Each photo should confirm the plot number and detail reference


Help with how to record the Photographs:

There should be readily available iPhone and Android applications to carry this out. I have check out ‘DateStamper’ for iOS (iPhone) and this provides what you need but you have to pay £4.99 to unlock the required services. Link below to assist:

Link to App on Apple App Store

But you set it up, activate Time under ‘Date & Time’ settings. Activate ‘Address’ under Location settings. Then before taking each photo, you can activate ‘Caption’ and input the text to describe the phot. Downside is you cannot edit the ‘Caption’ after the photo has been taken. But this is one example of what could be used.

Alternatively, you can use this app for the Date & Timestamp and Location and then add to Apple Notes or similar with a description per photo. There is a share button per photo and this can then allow you to select what app to add the photo to.

An example photo with location & date/time stamp is below (Courtesy of Future Homes Hub Example Photographic Evidence Report (Masonry)):

A detailed guide and example is here: Link to guide
Further example guide for MASONRY photos can be found here: Link to Masonry example photos
Further example guide for TIMBER FRAME photos can be found here: Link to Timber Frame example photos

Details Per Stage Required to have Photographic Evidence:

Stage 1 – Substructure:
Foundation/substructure and ground floor showing thermal continuity and quality of insulation in the following places:
– Ground floor insulation
– At the ground floor perimeter edge insulation
– At the external door threshold
– Below damp proof course on external walls
– Showing depth of void below DPC

Stage 2 – External Walls:
For each main wall type, to show thermal continuity and quality of insulation for the following:
– Ground floor to wall junction
– Structural penetrating objects (Lintels, beams, columns etc)
– Cavity insulation installed showing no gaps
– If blown insulation, then clear empty cavities and proof of the blown insulation from the supplier that it has been done.

Stage 3 – Roof:
For each roof type, show thermal continuity and quality of insulation for the following:
– Ceilings – Joist level insulation showing the photo between and over ceiling joists
– Rafter level – showing insulation between rafters and then below rafters
– Flat roof – Insulation installation over the deck
– Eaves and gable edges to show these are in line with thermal bridge details. So ensure insulation between the last truss and the gable wall for example.

Stage 4 – Openings:
For each opening (one image per wall or roof type is sufficient) to show thermal continuity and quality of insulation for the following:
– Window positioning in relation to cavity closer and/or insulation line
– External door positioning in relation to cavity closer and/or insulation line (includes apartment doors and doors to garages)
– Door and window jamb with insulated cavity closer
– Window sill with insulated cavity closer
– If insulated plasterboard is required at the reveals/soffit of the opening, please take sample photo.

Stage 5 – Air Tightness:
Show additional photos where you have sealed around these details to ensure air tightness and include photos of foaming behind plasterboard behind kitchen and bathroom units to show the level if air tightness.

Stage 6: Building Services
All plant associated with space heating, hot water, ventilation, lighting and low carbon technology equipment within or on the building. Show the following:
– Boiler/Heat pump identification label showing the make, model and reference number & serial number
– Primary pipework continuity of insulation
– If you have a cylinder, an identification label showing the make, model and reference number
– Extract fans make and reference
– If mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, then include the installation and show continuity of insulation around the intake and exhaust ductwork between the MVHR unit and the external envelope.
– Show photos of any PV or solar thermal installed showing the panels and the internal meter and the export capable energy meter. The PV or solar thermal panel photo should clearly show which roof they are on.


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