New House, Naseby, Leicestershire

Project Deatils

Single 2 storey dwelling built in the historic village of Naseby, Leicestershire. Low Carbon Box carried out the air tightness testing coming in at 6.3 m3/hr/m2. We issued a checklist before the air test so the contractor was aware of what common air leakage issues occur.

Key features

Two storey dwelling in traditional cavity wall construction with dry-lining. Areas of leakage were around the boiler flue, boxing behind the toilets and around the loft hatch.

Need help?

Check out our short guide on helping to reduce leaks through plasterboard onto blockwork article



  • Have got to say that Sean’s (of Low Carbon Box)  approach and attitude were excellent which is more than I can say for some of the consultants that I have been involved with

    Private self build client