Social Housing Scheme achieves Passivhaus Certification

The 2 houses at Kyme Road, Heckington social hosing scheme achieves Passivhaus certification.

Low Carbon Box were the Passivhaus Certified Consultants and also carried out the technical drawings. The main Contractor was Lindum BMS. The client was North Kesteven District Council.

The 2 Passivhaus dwellings were part of a 22 house development and have been constructed to measure the performance of the Passivhaus units.

Outline of Specification to achieve Passivhaus Certification

The project has been uploaded on to the Passivhaus Projects database online. Click HERE to see more information.
As an outline, the following was constructed based on the Denby Dale Passivhaus by Green Building Store.

Building Fabric

  • EXTERNAL WALLS – 500mm cavity wall with 300mm mineral wool to the full fill cavity. The internal face of the wall had a 2 coat plaster finish, then a false wall to run services. Achieve 0.097 W/m2.K U value.
  • GROUND FLOOR – This was a screed on 225mm PIR insulation on a solid concrete slab. Achieved 0.092 W/m2.K U value.
  • ROOF – Traditional cold roof construction with 500mm mineral wool insulation. This used an 18mm OSB board with taped joints to form the air tightness barrier. This acieve 0.08 W/m2.K
  • WINDOWS – Munster Windows Passive Future uPVC triple glazed with an average 0.90 W/m2.K U value and a ‘g’ value of 0.53.
  • FRONT DOOR – Munster achieving 1.0 W/m2.K

This social housing scheme achieves Passivhaus Certification with the careful combination of  excellent insulation levels combined with important detailing of the junctions between the elements to limit thermal bridging which we also take into account.

Building Services

  • MECHANICAL VENTILATION WITH HEAT RECOVERY (MVHR) – Paul Novus 300 installed below the staircase directly adjacent to external wall with insulated intake and exhaust ducts. This was designed, supplier and commissioned by the Green Building Store.
  • VENTILATION DISTRIBUTION – Via concealed 100mm diameter ductwork serving ceiling mounted extract terminals. On the top floor, the bedroom shad wall mounted ‘Coanda Valves’ that are located above the door and release low velocity air across the ceiling.
  • HEATING & HOT WATER – Gas fired combination boiler boiler serving 2 radiators on the ground floor and a single towel rail on the first floor


There were several challenges during the design and construction stage that were faced by the project team.

Lindum ensured their Project Manager was trained and qualified as a Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson to fully understand the building quality issues that will be faed and proved a crucial factor in overcoming and issues that were encountered.

Further details of these challenges will be published in the near future.

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